Dig Deeper - What's Your RENT Story?

PremiereImage_RentFor many of us who have pursued a life in theater, there are key moments in our lives when we remember the impact of viewing a particular play or musical.  As a child growing up in a small town in Iowa, I didn't get a lot of opportunities to attend new plays, so one of those moments came when Iowa Public Television showed a live videotaping of the Broadway production of Into the Woods starring Bernadette Peters.  I remember thinking, "Now, here's an exciting musical!  Someone who finally asked the question - what happens after happily ever after?  I want to do this!" These moments are different for each individual, but there are some productions that resonate with an entire generation.  RENT was just such a show and we're looking for YOUR stories about this revolutionary musical and its impact on you.  I'm starting things off with a reprint of an article from the New York Times by Lin-Manuel Miranda.  Please feel free to add your stories in the comments section below!  We look forward to hearing from you.