Director Barbara Hynes-Tomczyk Interview

Barbara Hynes-TomczykLyric Arts had the opportunity to sit down with Barbara Hynes-Tomczyk, the director of A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas, and talk about what makes her show such a great one!  Read the interview below.  

LA:  Tell us a little bit about why this particular show interested you.

BHT:  It included working with children and adults. Also, Laura Ingalls is a very integral part of our Minnesota heritage.

LA:  For those that are unfamiliar with A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas can you tell us about the show?

BHT:  The theme of the show is finding "your truest, best thing." It is a touching story with some real life lessons for all of us, both children and adults.

LA:  Why do you think people, especially in the Midwest, love the stories from Laura Ingalls Wilder?

BHT:  The stories have a universal appeal The Ingalls family faces many of the same problems we all face. In addition, the character of Laura is such a feisty, yet thoughtful, young girl.

LA:  Being that this is your first time directing at Lyric Arts, what has your experience been like?

BHT:  I absolutely love it. There's a great feeling of support and respect from all the staff here. Actors, actresses, directors, stage managers, costumers and production staff are all working toward the same goal-quality productions that are great learning experiences and fun for everyone.  Thanks so much to the organization and support here at Lyric Arts. I'm very impressed.

LA:  What do you feel are the "wow" elements of A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas?

BHT:  The simplicity of the set and costuming. A great deal is done with very little.

LA:  Comment on the talent level in the cast.

BHT:  Our cast has a large age range and amazing talent. Because they have so little to work with in terms of set and props, their acting ability needs to carry the show - and it does!

LA:  Why should people come out and see this Christmas production?

BHT:  It's a simple reminder about what's important in life. There's some great advice given and lessons learned.