DIRECTOR'S TAKE: Scott Ford on "Dead Man's Cell Phone"

Dead Mans Cell Phone  PHOTO CREDIT: Twin Cities Headshots

Dead Mans Cell Phone PHOTO CREDIT: Twin Cities Headshots

Our cell phones are having an astonishing impact on us.  They are changing the way we navigate our relationships, changing how perceive ourselves and others, and even changing the way we think.  You now have the world at your fingertips.  And your screen is a portal to virtually everyone you know no matter where in the world they are.  But here’s the paradox: while we are more connected than ever through texting and social media the research says American adults actually feel more socially isolated and have fewer close friends than was reported 40 years ago.  Because of technology our connections with others are broader, but shallower.  While you are reading this (potentially on your cell phone) look around right now.  You no doubt see people with their faces in their screens.  Granted, sometimes the phone might fuel the conversation with the person next to them, but more often the phone impedes or replaces conversation.  And so here we all sit, alone together. 

Sarah Ruhl astutely and humorously observed this paradox when she wrote this play in 2007, the year the first iPhone was introduced.Listen for how almost every character in this play philosophizes about cell phones at some point. In a way, the play is about the absurdity of our attempts to connect with one another superficially and the power that comes from being fully and genuinely present for each other.The phone is not the villain here.It is just a tool.Jean experiences one reality meeting the other characters via the phone and then a different reality when she looks them in the eye.And as is the case for all of us, those face-to-face encounters have a way of becoming awkward and hilarious and emotionally raw. So here is our take on Ruhl’s quirky and insightful script. So, come see the show… and if you enjoy it… text a friend!

Resident Director Scott Ford

Resident Director Scott Ford

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