Doing it like Dolly!

Dear Dolly,

No one lives life quite as vibrantly as you do! Do you have any tips for living life to the fullest?

Sincerely, Washed out in Wabasha

Dear Washed Out,

Thank you!  You are so sweet.  Well I get plenty of beauty sleep,  laugh out loud everyday,  and I eat until I am full...I find hungry women oddly mean.

Dear Dolly is written by Dolly Levi; Financial Consultant, Guitar and Mandolin Instruction, Short Distance Hauling, Varicose Veins Reduced, Dance Lessons, Match-making, Counselor at Law, Fresh Jersey Eggs, Surgical Corsets Reboned, Ears Pierced, Pierced Ears Re-plugged, General Meddler and Know-It-All, Jack of All Trades.

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