Evolultion of a Set: Day 3

Today more of the deck for the house unit is being finished.  You can also see that a deck unit  being created on the bottom left of the picture. This deck unit will be place next to the bed. Check the rendering below for more details. I had a chance to ask scenic designer Brian J. Proball about his thoughts on his design. See below for what he had to say.

"The play takes place both in Willy Loman's mind and the Loman household.  The Loman home (circa 1910) is an early bungalow built in the shadow of the American dream.  Warm wood tones, present throughout the decor, give the space a homey feel.  The fact that we literally see that Willy has provided a "roof over their heads" was inspired by Jo Mielziner, one of my favorite scenic designers.  Mielziner designed the original set for Arthur Miller's production when it opened on Broadway in 1949.  The current revival staring Phillip Seymour Hoffman actually recreates the Mielziner's design exactly.  One other significant element in our scenic design is the apartment buildings that tower over and box in the Loman home.  As we travel back in Willy's memories, the set and lighting design work together to transform these menacing apartment buildings into a long-lost neighborhood full of life."