Evolution of a Set: Day 3

This morning Patrick (Tech Director), Brian (Scenic Designer), Barb (Director), and Joanna (Production Manager) got together to discuss the set. Ground plans, set models and concepts are all great at helping to visualize what the director and cast are working with, but everything changes when the cast is on stage and they realize how much room or lack thereof they have to work with. Over the Tavern takes place in a small apartment over, you guessed it, a tavern. In order for the audience to really visualize it, everything needs to appear and feel like they are in a small cramped apartment. The reason why some of the artistic team got together was to discuss chopping off 3ft of the deck space. You can see from yesterday’s picture that the deck space came out further. Today, Patrick took the sawsall and went to town chopping off 3ft, so the actors can move around the kitchen table with ease. You can see Patrick working in front of the space that was just chopped off.