Evolution of a Set: Day 9

Where would theater, film, and TV shows be with out lights? Where ever they would be it would be awfully dark. Today is all about lights at Lyric Arts. Dan Thorson and his amazing volunteers John, Nick, and Evan are gelling all the light fixtures and are focusing the lights on the stage. You can see some of their work in the picture below. Set wise Patrick and his amazing volunteers Bob, Roxy, Wally, and Kent have put up the side brick walls, which are on either side of the set unti. The bed unit platform is being  carpeted as well.

Last night the director, prop master, technical director, and scenic designer met to go over and review all the props. Tomorrow the director and lighting designer will go through each scene in the show and adjust the lights. The cast along with artistic staff will also be doing a technical rehearsal from 10am-10pm. There is NEVER a dull moment at Lyric Arts.

Day 9.1