Evolution of a Set: Noises Off

If you could not get enough of Evolution of a Set for Cabaret, have no fear we have returned with Evolution of a Set for Noises Off. The set for Cabaret was our largest and greatest achievement to date, Noises Off  will be no small feat either. Not only will the set be two stories, but the whole set will revolve during the middle of the show. Director Scott Ford had this to say about the design of  Noises Off. "This show is a set designers dream and nightmare all in one.  It contains eight doors, three stairways and a window.  On top of that, it spins around 180 degrees at intermission so you watch the second act from the opposite side of the first act.  Given all of that, the demands on the designer are considerable.  (Set Designer) Todd (Edwards) is a very smart guy and a great problem solver.  His design will be intricate, complicated, interesting to look at and fun for the actors to work on."

Stay tuned for our Evolution of a Set adventure with Noises Off.