First, An Intern-duction....

As the lights come on the audience hears the consistent sound of a car’s windshield wipers wiping back and forth. The sound is joined by the inconsistent sound of rainfall. At times the rain is mellow and light, however within 20 seconds it is hard and falls with the intensity of a meteor shower. Eventually the audience hears the windshield wipers stop, a car door slam, and someone running through puddles. They then hear a door slam and the rain becomes a distant noise as a young man of 21 walks into a theatre. It was his first day…. and he was absolutely soaked from head to toe. Curtain up! Hello! My name is Brett Burger. I’m 21 years old, from Andover, Minnesota, and I’m an Aries. I am Lyric Arts’ Marketing and Public Relations Intern for the summer of 2014 and I couldn’t be happier. I am here to hopefully open up more to the public on what this amazing non-profit theater does in the summer.

So a little bit more about me: I’m currently a junior at Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota. I’m a double major in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations as well as a Theatre major. I am a very active student on campus. At Winona State, we have a Theatre Honor Society, for which I was recently elected Vice-President. I work two jobs on campus. I am the student coordinator of marketing and publicity for our entire theater and dance department; I am also the lead student public relations writer for our University’s communications office.

Throughout this internship I have one major goal and that is to learn and retain as much knowledge as I can. What is so great about Lyric Arts is that the staff here wants to help me as much as I want to help them. They want me to help them succeed but at the same time they want to assign me things that will help me in my future. Over the summer my major projects will be helping put together and executing the marketing plan for our summer show RENT as well as helping the staff prepare for Riverfest and coming up with some marketing plans for the upcoming 2014–2015 season.

Throughout the week I will be working Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On my first day I was in the box office, with our box office manager Matt McNabb. I learned how to use our ticketing system as well as what his job is exactly. After that I went around to introduce myself to majority of the staff including our Technical Director, Education Director, Production Director, and Marketing and Communications Associate. I sat down with each one of them and just chatted about who they were, where they started and what their job all entails.

Without sounding too corny, it was a really awesome experience and first day. Sitting down with all of these artistic and administrative people was one of those moments where I left the theater saying, “Yes. This is where I belong after graduating. These are my people.”  They have been so welcoming these last couple of days and it’s been amazing. After only a week I feel a part of the Lyric Arts staff already. For example, just now as Brian, our production director joked around with Bailey, our marketing associate, and told her if something goes wrong to deny everything and blame the intern. It was all in good fun. I’ve only been here for a week and each day I get more excited to come back and work more.

So again I hope throughout the summer I can give you guys the behind the curtain, fly on the wall, VIP access, deleted scenes and 10 hours of bonus blue-ray footage I can get you on what’s going on with our upcoming season and summer events!


Brett is a rising junior studying Public Relations and Theatre at Winona State University