Gab Session with the Ladies of Dixie Swim

The Dixie Swim Club cast and artistic staff are hard at working preparing for what is sure to be a hilarious and heartwarming show. Here is what the five spunky Dixie gals had to say about the show, their characters, and Lyric Arts.

LA: Three things that make a “Girls Weekend” perfect?

DENISE (“Lexi”): Giggles, gossip...

DEBBIE (“Vernadette”): My character Vernadette would say, “No men, lots of laughing and good food!” Hmm, funny. I guess I would say the same thing!

LISA (“Sheree”): And don’t forget no cooking or cleaning of any kind. And wine.


LA: What is your best anti-aging secret?

JULIE (“Jeri”): Get your hair highlighted! You can hide the gray hairs in with the color.

DEBBIE (“Vernadette”): To have friends younger than me...I learn all about pop culture, fashion, and the Internet. I may not choose to pursue any of it, but I can keep up my side of the conversation!


LA: What is your favorite show Lyric Arts has produced?

KRISTIN (“Dinah”): I would have to say The Hallelujah Girls of course, but I have a feeling it will soon be replaced by this one.

LISA (“Sheree”): Almost, Maine. It was enchanted by it. It made me laugh and touched my heart...a perfect show for a cold January evening. Though it’s a very different show, I’m hoping that The Dixie Swim Club will do the same for audiences!


LA: Best line from The Dixie Swim Club?

DEBBIE (“Vernadette”):  “I traded in my treadmill for stretch pants and a deep fat fryer!” There’s many a morning when I’m walking on that treadmill at 6am, wishing I could do the same...

KRISTIN (“Dinah”): “Never wrestle a pig in the mud. You both get dirty and the pig enjoys it way too much.”


LISA (“Sheree”): Well, I’m not giving away any of the best lines. But I’m pleased that I get to use “all y’all” in a sentence.