Get the inside scoop on Cabaret

We asked a few of our lovely and talented actors for the inside scoop on our Cabaret Fundraiser. Here's what they had to say: Lyric Arts: Tell us a little about your favorite Broadway production. Are you bringing a little bit of that magic to the Main Street Stage?

Regan Duffy: My favorite musical is Annie. I like it because of the music and the amazing and strong voices that sing it. I am trying to do my best to sing as an amazing Annie would.


Tony Johnson: The thing I love about Broadway is the spectacle and grandeur of it. One of my earliest big musical memories was seeing the musical Chess at the Ordway. That show managed to take one of the most subdued things in the world, the game of chess, and turn it into this huge extravaganza. After watching that I was hooked.

As the MC for this years Cabaret, I hope to let loose a little bit of the spectacle side of my personality. I'm trying to be a little more ring master of the circus instead of host of the show.


Laurel Kaeferlein: There are many productions which I love and would like to see either on stage for the first time, or to see again.  I was fortunate enough to see Mamma Mia! at the Orpheum, which is really appropriate because I'll be singing the one song from Mamma Mia! that's in the Cabaret!  I plan to channel all of the fun and disco-goodness into the show.


Jacleen Olson: In 2004, I was blessed to see the original cast of Wicked front row center. (My friend Isaac won the lottery tickets, and since he had seen the show the night before, he was ridiculously kind enough to give the two tickets to myself and another college classmate.) I couldn't believe I was seeing Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Oscar winners just a few feet in front of me my first time in NYC. Kristin Chenoweth remains to be the funniest actor I've ever seen, Idina Menzel commanded the stage effortlessly, Norbert Leo Butz's voice is gorgeous (so is he...), and Joel Grey, is well, Joel Grey. As for our magic, we truly have captivating performers in our Cabaret- and I know you'll leave wanting to see more!


Lyric Arts: How are rehearsals going? What’s been the most fun? The toughest (or even least fun)?

Jacleen Olson: Rehearsals are going really well!  I have fun just being with everyone, and can't wait to see all the acts put together.  The toughest part for me has been to get my voice and body back in performing shape after having a stem-cell transplant in February.  Not gonna lie, it hasn't been easy, but everyone is so ridiculously supportive and loving. I couldn't imagine making my "come-back" anywhere else, or with anyone else.


Laurel Kaeferlein: Rehearsal is going really well!  We have such a fun cast of people who really enjoy being around one another that it's a pleasure and a joy to come to rehearsal.  The most fun that I am having is learning the tap-dance number.  I tell you what...that number is so incredible that I am rehearsing a ton to do it justice!



Regan Duffy: Rehearsals are going really well! My favorite part has been meeting new people and getting to be in another show at Lyric Arts! The toughest part for me has been learning the tough tap routine and managing the music, lines, choreography, school work, and being a dancer all at the same time. It seems the more we learn about this show, the more excited we get. If you haven't had a chance to get your tickets yet, head on over to the Cabaret Fundraiser page to get all the details. Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear why our actors chose to help us out in such a big way!