Check Out Our Holiday Giving Trees!

The holidays are here at Lyric Arts!  Our lobby is decorated with shiny ornaments and twinkling lights, and we’ve added a new touch this year.  The white birch trees in the lobby have been transformed into Giving Trees, hung with very special, holiday gift tags.

It takes a lot of inspiration and hard work to bring you ten productions a year, run our arts education program, and keep our theater space safe and comfortable. It also takes many practical, functional items!  Browse the tags on our Holiday Giving Trees—each tag represents an item we need, and details how much that item costs. Some of our expenses are relatively small, like glow tape, paint, cordless drills, needles and thread, scripts, and writing materials for our students. 

Other expenses are bigger, like the royalty fees for a musical, piano tuning, storage space for the furniture you see on stage, scholarships for workshop students needing financial assistance, lobby renovation, and even something as mundane—but necessary—as snow removal for our parking lot. 

We hope you’ll choose a gift tag from one of our Holiday Giving Trees, bring the tag to the Box Office, and make a special gift to help us purchase the things we need to make the magic happen.  Like all gifts to Lyric Arts, your Holiday Giving Tree gift is tax-deductible.


The next costume, prop, or set piece you see on stage may be one created with materials YOU helped purchase with your Holiday Giving Tree gift! Thank you for your support and for being part of our story.