"Godspell" Audience Review - Virginia Louden

by Virginia Louden


I had the pleasure of attending Godspell at Lyric Arts Main Street Stage in Anoka on Saturday night. I have attended quite a few plays at Lyric Arts over the years and I can honestly say that they have yet to disappoint me. For a small town theater, they truly know how to deliver the goods just as well as any of their big city rivals. While we all waited in anticipation, I heard someone behind me mention how small the cast was while they perused their program. Size truly didn't matter. The lights went dim, the ten person cast came out and during their opening number I felt goosebumps appear all over my arms. I knew right then that I was in for a treat.

Godspell, originally written in 1970 but recently adapted with a much more modern twist and feel, is a light and lively string of parables straight out of the Bible. Whether you are a religious person or not, watching this play, you won't be able to help but leave feeling energized and uplifted. Colin Hutchins, who plays Jesus, does a wonderful job delivering the stories and lessons graciously. I never felt like I was being preached to and I was kept on a wonderful roller coaster ride of giggles, chills and laugh out loud fun.

Director Robert Neu chose a fabulous cast of characters and they did a truly amazing job. Watching them was like watching VBS hopped up on a case of Redbull. Seriously. The energy coming from the stage was contagious. The live band was spot on and flowed through all of the songs and genres so smoothly. During the ensembles' group dances, there wasn't a toe out of line. And even more exciting were their harmonies. Oh, the harmonies! You truly have to experience them for yourself. The actors were all great singers individually, but the harmonies they created together were most inspiring.

I would like to spotlight a couple actors that stand out in my mind. Joshua Paul Smith surprised me with his control and power as a vocalist. I enjoyed his performance very much. Nicholas Kaspari was very fun to watch. His dance moves were superb and when combined with his comedic timing, it's sure to keep you rolling on the floor. And if you haven't seen Zach Marleau yet, you really should. I couldn't believe it when I read that he is only a junior in high school. He was absolutely hilarious and I cannot wait to see him in other productions. All in all, it was a fantastic show and I hope you get a chance to enjoy it, too.


Virginia Louden is a local Anoka blogger and a full-time mom who has attended multiple Lyric Arts productions.