"Heaven Can Wait," but we can't!

We spoke with the cast again this week, and asked them why people should come see the show.  The responses were amazing.  We were already super excited for this show, now opening night can't come soon enough!

Why should people come see Heaven Can Wait?

Kelly Ahlman: Teenagers to adults should come see this show because it portrays a very important message in an entertaining way. A person cannot lose everything, if they are true to themselves. The hero, Joe, loses his body, but after different transformations and the loss of his old self, the real "Joe" is still there. He becomes the fighter he has always wanted to be and finds love in a girl who sees something in him, hears something in him, which he may not have found if he had not gone through the trials he was made to face. Heaven Can Wait is a fun, emotional journey with a bittersweet ending that will leave the audience wanting more.

Tom Benson: This story is a hidden gem, and ends in a different way than most body swapping stories end. Do you like to laugh? Do you like drama? Do you like body swapping and the hilarity that ensues while it occurs? Do you like to go to the theater? All of these reasons are why you should come.

Tara Martinsen: People should come to this show because it's hilarious!  And my fellow cast members are excellent actors!  I am in awe during every rehearsal!  The characters really come to life and "sell" this story!  I also feel that this play makes you think about what you are doing on this Earth.  Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing?  When you die, will you have done everything you were meant to do...what you wanted to do?  Plus, it's always fun to imagine who you would switch bodies/lives with

Nickie McClure: It is so hilarious. I have been laughing at every rehearsal. The actors replicate their characters perfectly.

Linda Monroe: Heaven Can Wait has a little bit of everything in it - comedy, drama, romance.  For those who are regular followers of Lyric Arts productions, there are some familiar faces here, but there are also some exciting new faces to discover!

Pat Noren Enderson: People should see HCW because we are telling a little bit of a different story then the movies have shown. This play has a lot of heart and is very funny. We’ve got great actors who will pull the audience into the dilemmas and situations. They will be thoroughly entertained.


How are things going thus far? What’s your favorite part of the show?

Pat Noren Enderson: I absolutely love rehearsals, even when it is not for my part. I’ve started a photo album on Facebook with photos I’ve taken during rehearsals. I am learning so much from Mishia Edwards, our director, and the other actors. I can’t wait to audition for another play!

Linda Monroe: Rehearsals have really pulled together this past week, so I'm getting more excited!  I don't really have a favorite part yet - just enjoying how it's starting to come together.  For me the most difficult aspect is really trying to develop a specific character -this is the first role I've had that's really a defined person!

Nickie McClure: It is going great. It is a huge learning experience watching others develop their character. I just love the rehearsals because I am learning so much from the acting exercises and I just really love to act. The only hard part is that I work full time and have two young girls so I get pretty drained by Wednesday!

Tara Martinsen: Things are going great!  Rehearsals are fun and lively, with everyone trying to get off book.  Our cast bonded really well and really quickly.  Which I am thankful for...it always helps when a cast is a strong group, instead of just a bunch of strong individuals.  The hardest part at the moment is just memorizing the lines and the blocking, although even that is going really well.  I am so impressed with the memory capabilities of my cast members.

Tim Como: We're plugging along. Spencer Tracy would be proud of us. We're learning our lines, and nobody is bumping into the furniture  

Daniel Coleman: Everything is going well; everyone is having a great time. Hard work and fun is a good mix for success. I enjoy what I do; everyday is enjoyable with our team.

Tom Benson: Things are going very well so far. Everyone is really getting invested in his or her parts and characters are emerging. Books are going away and we are getting comfortable in our space. My favorite part of the show is where Max is running around trying to find that ever evasive Mr. Jordan. Tim is comical in the bit and I know I love watching him do it. The hardest thing by far is not looking at the people who aren’t there. When you do a play about ghosts you can’t look at them!!!! I constantly find myself turning my head when Mr. Jordan talks. It’s been pretty hard to tune out their dialogue.

Kelly Ahlman: My favorite part is the dynamic of all twelve characters, and how they each tie together. There are some very dramatic moments in the show, and some very hilarious moments. It makes for a unique contrast. Our cast does a lot of laughing during rehearsals, yet we have definitely put all of ourselves into the hard work of making this an awesome experience. My character has to cry during one tense scene, and I find myself with tears in my eyes and a big, dopey smile on my face.

Wow! It's a good thing opening night is little more than a week away!  Much more, and I don't think we'd be able to stand the wait.  If you're anything like us, you'll want to get your tickets right away!  Luckily, you do that right from our website or just call the Box Office at 763-422-1838.  See you in June!