Hormel Girls Sing Along 1947

Clink on the link below to an online article from MINNPOST.  Scroll down the article and check out the video of the 1947 Christmas radio broadcast of Music with the Hormel Girls radio show.  This show was broadcast live from Fort Meyer, VA. Hormel Girls Radio Broadcast

In this interview Carolyn Eklin described the gruelling touring schedule:   "From Monday to Wednesday, we'd be in the field, visiting every grocery store and supermarket within 150 miles of the main city," Eklin remembered. "Wednesday afternoon we'd come back and rehearse on Thursday — we'd always be booked into the biggest auditorium in the city. Then we'd do a show. Friday we'd tape the radio show before an audience. On Saturday we'd sometimes rehearse until noon and then we'd leave for the next city.  We had Sundays off."