If the Pants Fit...

"If the Pants Fit..." was the winning story in our "Show Us the Love " contest.  You voted, and we listened.  Congratulations to Mindy Mateuszczyk!  Mindy has won a Celebration Package for our upcoming Valentine's Day Concert with Alison Scott!  And Mindy will have her story printed by ABC Newspapers and at abcnewspapers.com!  You can read Mindy's story below and the stories of all the finalists here.  Thanks again to everyone who entered!

If the Pants Fit...

My mother’s best friend Nancy found herself single after leaving an abusive marriage. As always, my mother was right beside her, offering support, hope and humor.

One thing Nancy had always wanted for herself was a sleigh bed. She saved and saved her money until she could afford one. After a sweat-filled weekend of helping move Nancy into a new apartment my mom went out to find her the perfect housewarming gift. When she returned, Nancy raised her eyebrows at the gift. Undaunted, my mother laid out a pair of men’s jeans at the edge of Nancy’s new bed and told her, “Now you’ve got the bed and the jeans, let’s pray to God to fill them both with a good man.”

My mom was convinced Nancy would meet the man of her dreams in an airport and she would joke with her about it anytime she went somewhere. Awhile later, my mom went to the airport to pick Nancy up from a return flight. A handsome man Nancy had dated a couple times also arrived at the airport to greet Nancy in surprise. While Nancy already knew him, my mom first met Karl at that airport and knew immediately he was “the one.” He was indeed the man of Nancy’s dreams and they married soon after.

Interestingly enough, when Nancy handed Karl the pair of men’s jeans my mom placed on her bed a few years earlier, he tried them on and they fit perfectly.