Intern-al affairs - Hairspray Design

Hello, everyone! Intern Eric here, with some extra-juicy behind-the-scenes coverage for Lyric Arts' forthcoming production of Hairspray, premiering on the 12th of July! Work on the set is going pretty smoothly, and if all goes according to plan, our actors should have a full stage (without some minor decorative touches) to practice on by the end of the month. I managed to persuade Karen Lee Tait, Lyric Arts' new tech director, to part with one of her design documents for a primary piece of decoration, the walls of the 'Corny Collins Show' stage!

I've seen the work that has been done on the walls so far, and they're already looking very impressive.

I also weaseled my way into the costume department, and talked our costume designer, Stacey Palmer, into showing the Lyric Arts Audience some of the fabrics she will be using to bring out the personalities of each member of the cast. Now, these are only swatches, each one roughly three inches square, but they are what Stacey uses to show the rest of the Lyric Arts staff her vision during design meetings.

Fabric Swatchboard - Hairspray 002

These are just the first of many behind-the-scenes articles that I'll be posting over the course of our production. Over the next few weeks, I'll be bringing you footage from our rehearsals, major milestones on the set, and many more exciting design tidbits and anecdotes as they come in.