Intern-al Monologue - Week 10

You know, looking back over my predecessors’ work, I feel like I’ve cheated you, dear reader. Looking at Adia and Emily’s blogs, I’ve noticed one commonality that I think is a glaring oversight on my part. I’ve yet to tell you, without any unreasonable frills, what exactly I do while I’m at Lyric Arts. Come with me on this Tuesday journey, won’t you? You’ll be glad you did. 8:00 A.M.: Wake up. Make myself presentable. Eat a toasted peanut butter and cinnamon sandwich with some orange juice. Drive to work. Sing the entirety of Bohemian Rhapsody alone in the car.

10:00 A.M.: Arrive at work. Today is a Tuesday, meaning that there ought to be a staff meeting at 10:30. I bid a good morning to my co-workers, sit down, and arrange my notes for the meeting, turning to Sharon at the desk next to mine when I need to put something important on the docket.

10:15 A.M.: Get cracking on some press releases for our ‘Music in the ‘Burbs’ concert series. Finish one, get a good foundation set up for another.

10:30 A.M.: Break down cardboard boxes and discuss the merits of Bonnie Tyler’s smash-hit single ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart.’ Small discussion on ‘Holding out for a Hero,’ purely for posterity’s sake.

10:45 A.M.: A workshop tour ran long, so the meeting starts now.

11:30 A.M.: Meeting ends. I’ve got my assignments for the week.

11:32 A.M.: Resolve a scissor scarcity issue.

11:35 A.M.: Use a sharpie to make the red door dots look more red and less orange. The dots we bought were closer to Permanent Red than Alizarin Crimson, and there’s been a little confusion as to which keys go where in the warmer hues, and in areas with lower lighting.

11:45 A.M.: Paint a few keys that made their way to my desk. We’ve got most of them now, but there are probably some stragglers on other key rings.

11:50 A.M.: Get to work writing press releases. Finish one more, get started on a third.

12:15 P.M.: Lunch at the subway down the street. 6-inch ham and cheese sub on Italian, toasted, with lettuce, mayo, and light onion (The Lindholm Special)

12:40 P.M.: Take a break from Press Releases to look for social media facts for our upcoming season. Get halfway through Godspell before deciding to go back to writing press releases.

1:00 P.M.: Listen to some of Charlie Parr’s music to remind myself what it’s like, end up listening to half of an album before remembering that I’m at work.

1:30 P.M.: Finish Charlie Parr’s Press Release. Gaze longingly at the Pink Lemonade sitting on Brian’s desk. Contemplate theft. Get a water instead.

1:35 P.M.: Test the paint on the keys I repainted. Three of the four are fine, but the red master key’s enamel flakes off when I run my thumbnail along its surface. Scrape off the paint with a pair of scissors, and apply another coat. Sort the other three keys onto their respective key rings.

1:45 P.M.: Wash paint flakes off of hands.

1:50 P.M.: Get caught up in a ‘The Joy of Painting’ joke and try to track down some full episodes on YouTube.

2:00 P.M.: Get your head in the game, Lindholm. You’re at work, and Bob Ross would want you to be successful in life.

2:01 P.M.: Hammer out two more concert press releases, because I’m a champion.

2:45 P.M.: Begin writing this blog post, and creating a list of music for my weekly ‘What I Listened To While Writing This’ easter egg. Total Eclipse of the Heart will be first on that list.

3:00 P.M.: Debate posting something else on Facebook, but the office is relatively quiet, and we don’t have anything picture-worthy going on right now. Consider talking about writing this blog post on twitter, but eventually decide that a tweet about this blog about that particular tweet about this blog (and so on and so forth) would be too deep of a rabbit hole for most people.

3:15 P.M.: Move some files I might need to write more press releases onto my personal jump drive so I can write a few more while I’m at home, if I have the time.

3:20 P.M.: Arrange a meeting with Laura concerning the tasks I will need to have completed during my last few weeks at Lyric Arts.

3:23 P.M.: Be melancholy about the fact that it’s almost my last week here.

3:24 P.M.: Keep a stiff upper lip and carry on through the sadness.

3:25 P.M.: Write more of this blog post.

3:35 P.M.: Talk with Sharon about possibly helping to write a grant. Might end up on my to-do list before I leave.

3:40 P.M.: Realize that there’s nothing else I need to be in the building for, and start packing my bag.

3:41 P.M.: Save this word doc (And my finished press releases) to my personal Jump Drive to finish at home.

3:42 P.M.: Write this sentence before saving again and closing word.

3:45 P.M.: Get into the car and drive away.

4:00 P.M.: Arrive at home. Ramen Time. Accidentally overcook the noodles. Eat it anyway.

5:30 P.M.: Work on a press release while listening to an entirely wholesome, family-friendly podcast.

That’s pretty much it. It’s Wednesday now, and I’ve done a whole new day of work! Tomorrow, I’ll do ANOTHER new day of work. This schedule really only speaks to that specific Tuesday, August the Sixth, Two-Thousand and Thirteen. My workload changes every day. Some days, I’m able to leave around 3, simply because nothing mission-critical is on my work computer. Other days, like today, I’m here until five, and there are some days during shows that I leave at four, eat, come back at six, and stay until 11 at night, just because I need to help with the show.

One thing is certain, however; I have never once been bored or left idle. I have been working non-stop on some of the coolest stuff that I have ever done. And even though I was colloquially known as ‘Salad Jesus’ at my old job (It was whispered that I could turn water into creamy ranch dressing, and the proverb of the croutons and tuna noodle topping was oft retold, such was the level of my prowess), I have never had the amount of satisfaction in my work as I have at Lyric.

Anyway, enough fawning over my awesome job, what else has been going on here? Well, we’re nearly done with our rehearsal room renovations, and we've given you guys a glimpse into the progress we've made via Facebook. I don’t mean to toot our collective horn, but it’s basically the best rehearsal room ever made. Go check it out!

Hmm… Let’s See… Oh! I had a hand in writing the Insider Email this month! Laura has been pretty swamped with stuff to do between seasons, so some of the side content was delegated to me. If you’re one of Lyric Arts’ more… in depth fans, you’ll be getting little snippets of my writing alongside the excellent work that Laura does regularly.

The rest of my work this week has been a little less… tangible… in nature. I’ve been preloading a lot of promotional content for our upcoming season, making sure that our incoming marketing specialist will be free to get some really interesting stuff done without worrying about writing entire press releases from scratch. It’s a lot of stuff most people won’t see, but the few people that do see it tend to greatly appreciate the time we take to cater to their needs.

Well, that’s all for my second to last week here oh god. I’ll be back next week for my final blog post on this web site ever I think I’m going to cry.


-Eric ‘Bright Eyes’ Lindholm


Eric is a rising Sophomore studying Communications at North Dakota State University.