Intern-al Monologue - Week 11

Hey there, Lyric Arts fans! Let's have a little chit-chat about what's been going on this week. First and foremost, I GOT TO GO GET COFFEE TODAY! It was only one cup, but if I were to look back on this internship, and I hadn't gotten my boss a Cuppa' Joe, it would have felt... hollow, somehow. Like I didn't really earn it.

It was a quiet week at Lyric Arts, and most of the stuff that we’ve done has kind of been on the down-low. I’ve been doing my normal assortment of facebook, writing, and production-related tasks, which I’ve talked about to death on this blog, so I’m pretty okay with omitting it this week. We gave our aisle handrails a fresh coat of paint this Wednesday to get the theater space ready for our upcoming season. I also scraped some wallpaper off of something in the lobby. I had never even noticed it before they told me to get rid of it, so you should buy a ticket and scrounge every inch of the lobby to see if you can notice what I did! It was some stubborn wallpaper, though; I had to commandeer a steamer from the costume shop to get the last of it off.

In other news, the office smells DELICIOUS right now. Brian found some time between meetings out of town to pop by a local bakery and bring us all some artisanal breads. Since I can eat a loaf of fresh sourdough like a normal person eats a candy bar, I was more than eager to pounce on that awesome deal.

Sharon is diligently working on sorting out our phone situation, talking to telecom companies about some potential ways we could streamline communication here in the office, what with all the new hands coming in to the company soon. From what I've gathered from sitting next to her, it sounds like some of the details are beginning to come into focus, so we should have a definite plan in the near future.

The box office is doing pretty well, from what I’ve seen of it. Last time I checked in with Matt, Hormel Girls was already almost a quarter of the way sold out, which is nuts for a play that far out! Laramie is doing well at the box office too, but nothing gets us Minnesotans excited like SPAM (Except for Prince, maybe…).

Other than that, this week was almost entirely dedicated to wrapping up my myriad projects, and making sure that there were no loose ends that the staff would have to deal with once I’m gone. I completed next year’s press releases (save for one that simply needs a quote from the director), We’re on almost every online calendar in the metro area, and I’ve gotten every little marketing task I’ve been allotted all sorted out and put into its proper place. My folder is organized almost as well as the Riverfest bin, albeit with far more useful data. I’ve removed all of the post it notes from my computer monitor, and all my cameras and sound recorders are put away, ready for future use. All that’s left is to say goodbye.


 How do I say goodbye?

I really didn’t think about this part in advance.


For starters, let me just say that this Summer has been awesome. I am not an outgoing person by nature. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a dirty liar, and you should never trust them about anything. I’m like an emotional crustacean; you have to shatter my metaphorical exoskeleton with a metaphorical hammer before I’ll open up to you, and even then, there’s not too much meat inside. In other words, it really takes something special to make me feel at home.

Lyric Arts is special. Everyone here is special. Our whole community is special. You - yes, I mean YOU - reading this post, YOU are special. Even if I've never met you in person, I know that you're part of  what makes Lyric Arts as amazing as it is.

All of you have made my time here some of the most fun months I’ve ever had, and I’ve grown more as a person this Summer than I could have at any number of college classes, both professionally as well as personally. And I only had to run and get coffee once! I’m so thankful that I got to be a part of this enterprise, even for this short of a time, and I’d like to think that I’ve made quite a few friends along the way.

I’m not gone for good; I’m still going to be coming to shows when I can make it back to the area, and I’ll be checking in with the staff here whenever I do. And whatever I end up doing next summer is going to have to be pretty stellar to even come close to Lyric Arts.

Well, I think that's about it. I'm going to go say my goodbyes to the staff and ride off into the sunset.

Cheers, everyone. See you around.

-Eric ‘The (Former) Intern’ Lindholm