Intern-al Monologue - Week 4

Hey, Listen. I know I said this would happen on Sundays, but something about Friday just feels... Right. After last week, we all needed a little something to smile about. For Karen Lee, our Tech Director, it was progress on the set of Hairspray and an awesome new table saw. For Laura, our Managing Artistic Director, it was a new calendar notebook to replace the four separate notebooks her to-do list had become, and the time to plan a little bit ahead again. For Brian, our Production Manager, it was the resolution of a prop mishap from a production several months ago, and the company-wide institution of Reggae Wednesdays. For Cassandra, our Education Director, it was a successful run of acting workshops, and compliments from elementary schoolers. For me, it was a load of rehearsal time and interviews (Coming soon!), my first video production assignment, the ability to upload photos to the site (!!!!!!!), time spent with some good friends and… um… other… things. But regardless of the form it took, happiness and normalcy returned to the office, and we are all basking in its glow.

But, in the words of Eddard Stark, lord protector of Winterfell, Winter is coming.

In two weeks, Hairspray opens, and we’ve gotta get that marketing DONE. I’m doing cast interviews, but lots of the footage I shot during off-stage rehearsals turned out overexposed and stuttery. I have returned to rehearsals with an upgraded camera, but the amount of content I need to gather is… staggering. I’ve decided to only focus on the main characters in video interviews, and put most of my other interviews into writing, to cut down on production time. You can also look forward to some in-depth discussions with Chris Tiepner, the man playing Edna Turnbladt, one of the most iconic broadway roles ever conceived, coming down the pipeline soon. I’m also in charge of editing video of our education workshops, and I'll get the first edition of it out the door as soon as I get some final production notes from Cassandra.

In addition to that, Riverfest, my primary assignment over the summer, happens THE DAY AFTER HAIRSPRAY OPENS. From what I can tell, we can reuse most of the assets from last year’s booth, but the list is still pretty long, and I need to start squeezing some gold out of the material we have. I'll literally be there for the entire day, so if you come to the booth, I will say hi to you. If you volunteer to help us out, I will autograph anything you want with a Cyan sharpie I found the other day.


It’s not impossible, certainly, but I prefer to be methodical in my work, and like nitpicking anything I do for days after it’s ‘done.’ To get this pile of tasks out the door and into the laps of my clamoring public, I’ll have to turn off my ‘Work’ playlist, and crank my ‘WÜRK’ playlist.

The umlaut means it’s SËRÏÖÜS.

All in all, this week has been pretty awesome. We're working on a lot of exciting stuff in preparation for Hairspray, and from what I've seen during rehearsals, it's going to be REALLY REALLY GOOD. Really! Totally separate from the internship, I am super excited!


-Intern Eric


Eric is a rising Sophomore studying Communications at North Dakota State University.