Intern-al monologue - Week 7

Man. You know what I was doing Friday? Totally writing and posting this blog, that's for sure. I mean, if you didn't see it on Friday, that was probably your fault. It was there. In any case, boy howdy, we are cleaning out the office like nobody's business. If a research team were to drill into some of the dustier filing cabinets in the office, the resulting core sample would probably have material in it dating back to the reign of Knud Harthacnut, last danish king of England. We found multiple copies of the AOL dial-up free trial disc, about twenty blank floppy discs, and five TV manuals dating back to the early '90s. Stuff looked REALLY BAD back then. Nothing makes you appreciate modern design more than looking at those brownish-greyish-beige, vaguely oblong button-pucks we called remotes.

The office cleaning is partially a result of the between-season down time we see as we gear up for The Laramie Project this September (I mean, it's six chairs on a stage. Not too much we can do in terms of razzle dazzle.) and partially due to the fact that we are restructuring our office space. With quite a few new positions to be filled, we are optimizing our desk space to make room for all the new recruits that will be streaming in to help us make Lyric Arts even more awesome.

Now, on a more personal level, this means I get a big desk. As of Thursday, my work station consists of a lone PC atop three banquet tables. Since I measure my value to the company by how large a desk I have, I'd say I'm worth approximately two Fortune 500 CEOs to Lyric at this point. And in my humble opinion, they're not wrong.

In other news, I did actual intern stuff this week! No more of this 'critical to the theater's success' garbage, they put down a literal pile of contact information, and told me to turn it into a metaphorical, digital pile. I was listening to my Game of Thrones audiobook and entering email addresses into an excel spreadsheet for roughly five hours. I moved furniture, I carried heavy objects from one inconvenient place to another, slightly more convenient place. I was half expecting to be sent out for coffee at some point, but it looks like I'll have to wait a little longer for that honor. If you think that any of this is sarcasm, it honestly isn't. I expected to be doing this from the beginning, and at this point, it's actually kind of novel.

Anyway, look forward to a little more video from yours truly. Cast interviews, features, maybe a tour through our temporary office and my sweet new desk. Also, some of our fans on facebook may notice that we're posting some of the stuff we find during the cleaning process. Karen Lee came to us with that idea, and it was met with a resounding 'YEAH!' from the assembled staff. We'll find more ways to get you all involved with us online, and I'll keep this content flowing.


-Eric 'The Intern' Lindholm


Eric is a rising Sophomore studying Communications at North Dakota State University