Intern-al Monologue - Week 9

Hey, Lyric Arts fans! Intern Eric here, reporting live from… my cabin again! We’re up north for a wedding, so I took Thursday and Friday off to spend time with my family, and I'm taking advantage of some restaurant wi-fi to make this post. being off for two days doesn’t mean that I had an easy week, though. In fact, this may have been the most intern-esque week I’ve had since coming here. I lifted heavy things, I ran around the office, I sorted things into smaller groups, I sent emails, and I narrowly managed to talk Laura out of making me get coffee for the office. It was all very exciting. Fans of the site already know about The Great Key Offensive we (And by ‘we,’ I mean ‘I’) waged this week. My task was to reorganize our jumbled key box into a newer, sleeker, color-coded key box we jury-rigged out of an old mailbox, and I’d like to think it turned out pretty well. I matched (almost) every key to a lock and color-coded the entire office, though there are numerous ‘Mystery Keys’ that didn’t match any locks I could find.


Look at how pretty they are!

In addition to making our key rings look fabulous, our main goal was to make it easier for volunteers to navigate the office when they come to help. For example, when someone signs up for box office duty, they’ll get a Red ‘Master’ key, which opens up the doors that keep non-volunteers out of our inner halls, and the Blue ‘Box Office’ key, which opens the door to our box office. The Red key opens doors that are marked with red dots, and the blue key opens doors marked with blue dots. Simple, right? No more fussing with your key ring whenever you try to unlock a door. Just match the color and keep on moving!

The Great Key Offensive is part of a much larger initiative to revamp our office space, and we’ll have some exciting news on that front to share with volunteers in the days ahead. I spent a good part of the week helping Brian and Sharon with organization tasks in the main office, and helping Karen Lee in the rehearsal room, moving heavy set pieces up from the lower levels into our newly reorganized prop storage. We also had to take the time to fix an ‘Exit’ sign that we (and by ‘we,’ I mean ‘she,’ of course. I am entirely blameless) completely destroyed while moving a cumbersome plywood ticket stand into our freight elevator. Clean-up and repair took about seven seconds in total, but I just want to set the record straight about whose fault it was.

In addition to key sorting, I spent my time in the office this week attending pre-production meetings, preparing marketing material, and generally reading up on our upcoming season. You need to know your product to sell your product, and I intend to make marketing quick and easy for my successor. I can’t share too much with you yet, but let’s just say that I am now WELL VERSED in EVERY ASPECT of Spam luncheon meat.

The groom’s dinner starts in about an hour, so I’m off to get myself looking snazzy. I’ll be back next week with more inside scoops from the wonderful world of Lyric Arts!


-Eric ‘Keeper of the Keys’ Lindholm


Eric is a rising Sophomore studying Communications at North Dakota State University