Intern(al) Thoughts

Act I. Scene I The stage is dark. All is silent. Out of the darkness comes the sound of a single person... Typing. Very fast typing. More join in. The sound seems to surround the audience with its intensity. The chorus of typing is now joined by the quiet, yet powerful tunes of Whitney Houston, accompanied by a sudden case of the giggles offstage. The smell of a well-cooked bagel sandwich sends its sweet, cheesy aroma wafting around the room. The lights come on. The audience is DAZZLED by a spectacular amount of purple on the walls, paintings on the walls, and twinkle lights on the ceiling. Everyone is immediately engaged by the resonate charisma of the actors, now sharing a hefty case of eye-watering chuckles. It is clear that the setting is none other than Lyric Arts, one of best (and most fun) theaters this side of the Mississippi. The director yells "Annnnnd ACTION!"

And the show begins.

Hi! I'm Emily, this year's Lyric Arts summer intern, and this is the show of my theatrical life, or... my life as a theatrical show? I don't know.

Anywho, this is my second day here at Lyric Arts, and I'm THRILLED to be able to start my very own summer intern blog. To begin, I'll share a little about myself. I'm a rising senior at Gettysburg College in the process of earning a degree in Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies, as well as a secret degree in "theater enthusiasm."

I'm a Champlin-raised girl who has been around Lyric Arts productions since watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (my first Lyric Arts production) in 2002, returning to stage manage Little Women in 2006, volunteering from time to time as an usher, and also acting as an audience member at some of the best shows I've ever seen, including The Diary of Anne Frank and You Can't Take it With You

I'm here this summer to delve into all things theater-related, from publicity, to production, to development, to achieve the goal of better understanding how a theater operates, especially one that is a non-profit organization. I'll be here Wednesdays through Fridays this summer to keep you updated on all Lyric Arts-related news, as well as keeping you privy to some ultra-special, totally cool behind-the-scenes updates as we work towards the opening of Heaven Can Wait on JUNE 1ST (grab those tickets!!), the commencement of our summer workshops, Riverfest, and the long-awaited opening of one of my favorite shows ever -- Cabaret -- on July 13.

Stay tuned!!