Intern(al) Thoughts: A "Riverfest" Success!

I, Emily Lindholm, am so pleased that I can FINALLY say those four glorious words: Riverfest 2012 was fantastic.

I wish to shout it from the rooftops, sing it through the streets, and write about it all day long (one out of three isn't bad, right?). Jokes aside, I am thrilled with how our Saturday went, and couldn't have been in better company. Throughout the day we had people working the booth from a bleary-eyed 6:45am all the way to 5pm, dedicated to getting the word out that our theater on 5th and Main Street is a site to not just to be seen, but to be loved and--mark my words--it will love you back.

The most exciting thing for myself was that our booth looks nothing like it did last year. With our new logo, and new color scheme, it was time to make the transition--starting with some sassy black lattuce, costumes on display, new graphics for all shows and concerts, and the chance to win two free tickets to our upcoming season--so exciting!

Over the course of  9 hours we had an astonishing 600+ entries to win our tickets, along with tons of enthusiastic individuals who signed up to be added to our mailing list. While I admit that I sometimes turned the questions over to my fellow booth-mates, I was proud to be able to talk to people about Lyric Arts, spread the word about all the exciting details of next season.

Along with that, it was fun to hang out with all my newfound friends here at the office--when you are in a booth in 92 degree heat for 5+ hours, things get goofy and some serious fun was had.

In the following weeks, I'll be dedicated to getting back to business at wrapping up the social media fact pages and fun publicity content for 2012-2013, as well as writing the templates for all the press releases that will be sent out over the course of the season. Not to mention I'll be at Cabaret this Friday AND Saturday because--let's be honest--once is just not enough!


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Emily is a rising senior studying Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.