Intern(al) Thoughts: A Week-late Update

Happy Friday! I apologize for not delivering an intern blog to your interweb atmosphere last week. Due to a rather important road trip to Ohio for my cousin's wedding, my week was even MORE condensed than usual. Between raiding the "Cabaret Fundraiser" closet for all our Riverfest needs, prepping my interview questions for our Season Subscriber Preview Event, gathering rehearsal responses from the lovely and talented Cabaret cast, cutting videos of our awesome artistic staff, and even learning how to clean a very fancy cheese cutter, it was a pretty hectic few days.

If you want to check out the video I put together of the shows our Season Subscriber event attendees are most excited about, you can give this a look!

This week has been focused on even more prep for Riverfest, with the fine details finally being addressed and nailed down! We just got a new banner, and are planning on a whole new "look" for the tent this year which we hope you'll come and see.

As always, Cabaret is constantly on my mind. I just finished a publicity plan for the next three weeks (can you believe we open in 21 days?!), and I can safely say I know more about post-WWI history than I ever imagined possible. Between all the planning and posting, I even stopped by the box office before lunch yesterday to get my mom and I a "table seating" package" for July 20th! We'll be sitting happily at table 7 if anyone wants to stop by and say "Guten Tag!"

All the tables numbered 1-10 are available for audience members every night of our Cabaret run, and they're filling up quickly! As you can see, the tables are set up at different distances from the stage, getting you just close enough to truly be a part of the show, and just far enough away to NOT participate.

We're just observing, my friends.

Jessica and Allison are ready with this binder to mark your name down when you and your friends call the box office at 763-422-1838!