Intern(al) Thoughts: Happy Friday!

We have the golden tickets! Actually they are red and gold. And in German.

But we have them!

As word about our special Cabaret seating is slowly starting to disperse, we find our tickets starting to disappear. It appears that people are excited about a true "cabaret" experience, and Lyric Arts has proved its dedication by leaving no detail untouched, including the special design and layout of the ticket! Here is a picture of a ticket for special table seating on opening night (all in German!) that I took today:

Isn't it cool? We think so!

In other news, this week has been pretty darn crazy. We've been getting ready for the 2012-2013 Concert Series announcements (the official list just went up this morning!!!), hanging out with the talented kids in our summer workshops, getting fundraising letters in the mail, preparing for the Season Subscriber event on June 20th, and many, MANY other things.

I'm currently working on putting together a series of interviews for a Cabaret promotional video. It's going to star the artistic staff who is in the process of making this one of the most outstanding and unique shows this season, and it has been a blast learning more about their jobs! Two nights ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Cassandra--one of the dramaturgs for this production-- about the historical context of the show and she was brimming with information.

For example, did you know that by time Cabaret takes place (at the start of 1930s) the Germans were using reichmark notes--that's like our dollar bills--to paper their walls because it was cheaper than buying real wallpaper?

Thanks to Cassandra, now you know!

Keep an eye out for more interesting facts--they're coming your way!




Emily is a rising senior studying Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.