Intern(al) Thoughts: Lyric Arts ist Glücklich!

Translation: Lyric Arts is happy Why? Because preparation for Cabaret is in full swing! The rehearsal pictures are being taken, the music is ringing in our ears, and the German and French accents are running wild through the office--making for conversations that are anything but dull.

It's exciting to be involved in multiple shows at one time--even in one day! Yesterday I found myself working on Cabaret publicity in the morning, looking up facts about our 2012-2013 season throughout the afternoon, and then I came back at 6pm in my black pants and white shirt to volunteer at the Box Office for Heaven Can Wait!

This theater never stops moving.

It was my first time volunteering here in about 9 years--my first time EVER in the Box Office--and I was a little rusty. However, in the hour before the show started I learned a TON about how the Box Office works on show nights. I even helped (and by "helped" I mean I stumbled through the ticketing program and then Bob Z. rescued me...) five groups of last-minute audience members buy tickets to catch the show--and they all made it in on time!

Construction or no construction, last night's audience didn't seem detoured by the obnoxious lack of pavement outside our door. Scheduled to finish in October, the construction has unfortunately stolen our sidewalk, but not our dignity! Lyric Arts' own all-around awesome lady, Jessica, worked her magic and got us our own "personalized" boardwalk that stretches from the parking lot to the front doors so you can still get your tickets, popcorn, and (of course) a program with plenty of time to spare!

I'd say one of the coolest things to hit Lyric Arts this week was the final printing of the special "cabaret" seating for, you guessed it, Cabaret! We at Lyric Arts have been positively giddy about the decision to have tables set up around the stage that are open to the audience--so not only will you be able to see the show up close, but you will also be a part of it! Don't worry, no singing or dancing is required (although I can't promise what I'll do when I go...), the tickets just give you the unique opportunity to have the true cabaret viewing experience.  It's $35 per seat OR $60 per table-- and it comes with two drink tickets, snacks, and a light dessert at intermission.

I'm already planning when I'm going.

I want that light dessert.