Intern(al) Thoughts: Time Flies...

Is there anything better than a nicely scheduled day? 9:30AM: Arrive at work--all is quiet.

9:35AM: See that Matt's computer is free. Promptly attack the movie making software with the speed of a puma and get to work on editing Cabaret seating promo filmed last night after rehearsal

10:59AM: Forget "Riverfest" meeting is at 11am

11:06AM: Remember "Riverfest" meeting when kindly reminded that I was the one who scheduled it.

11:45AM: Beg Matt for his computer back in order to finish "table seating" promo

12:30PM: Chat with Allison about how the ending of Cabaret brought me to tears last night during rehearsal

1:55PM: Celebrate the finished "promo" with a quick trip to Truffles & Tortes for a sandwich to go!

2:00PM: Get very sweaty on the steamy three block walk down Main Street.

2:35PM: Snag a peak of the "Kit Kat Klub" sign being installed onstage!

3:00PM: Send emails, make lists, contemplate getting a haircut.

3:26PM: Decide to be productive again and write this weeks "intern blog"

3:31PM: Arrive at the conclusion that a summary of my day would be the perfect entry.

3:45PM: Finish blog, watch my seating promo one last time, admire my press release that made abc newspapers today, post Noises Off audition information, and wrap everything up in time to beat the traffic back over to Champlin to start the weekend.

If you didn't happen to catch the seating promotion posted on Facebook today, check it out here. The Master of Ceremonies has some important information for you!

Cabaret opens in one week!


Emily is a rising senior studying Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.