"The Glass Menagerie": Introductions

 Emily Picardi

Emily Picardi

If you're a fan of Lyric Arts, you know that we're in the middle of our summer musical's run right now (make sure you see RENT before it closes on August 3rd!). While many of the theatre's efforts are focused on finishing our 2013-14 season on a high note (a high, loud, passionate, multi-voiced, harmonized note), our attention has officially turned to the first show of the 2014-15 season, Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie.

Production of The Glass Menagerie started with a production meeting and a read through last Monday night. Since then we've had several more rehearsals and the show's designers have been hard at work. As of this writing we have the entire show blocked! Over the next month and a half I'll be blogging about our process as we bring The Glass Menagerie to life from the ground up. We're so excited to bring the work of Tennessee Williams to Anoka audiences.

Let's quickly introduce everybody working on The Glass Menagerie, since you'll be hearing about them in my blog postings. The director of this show is Scott Ford, one of Lyric Arts' Resident Directors. You may have seen his work at Lyric Arts before in Picnic, The Hormel Girls, or Hairspray, among other productions. Bri Collins, our stage manager, has previously worked at Lyric Arts on The Laramie Project. Our four actors are Patti McCarthy (Doubt: A Parable and Barefoot in the Park) as Amanda Wingfield, Ty Hudson (The Laramie Project and Death of a Salesman) as Tom Wingfield, Samantha Haeli as Laura Wingfield, and Randy Niles (Picnic) as Jim O'Connor.

We've got a great team of technical designers and production staff members working behind the scenes as well. Todd Edwards is our scenic designer, Stacey Palmer is our costume designer and Heather McLaughlin is our costume assistant, Dan Dukich is the production's sound designer, Marcie Anderson is the props master, and Courtney Schmitz is the lighting designer. All of these designers are Lyric Arts veterans. Of course we have all of the staff at Lyric Arts on board as well, and we're so lucky to have their creativity and support.

So who's writing these blog posts? Who's driving this thing?? My name is Emily Picardi, and I'm the Directing Intern for The Glass Menagerie. I've worked at Lyric Arts as an actor for over ten years, most recently as Romaine Patterson in The Laramie Project, and in the ensemble of Hairspray. I recently graduated from Anoka Ramsey Community College with an AFA in Theatre, and I'm currently working on deciding what to do with the rest of my life (cue all manner of mental breakdowns). I'm a giant nerd. I love William Shakespeare and Netflix and coffee, and I'm so excited to work on this production because I love Tennessee Williams and working with Scott Ford more than all those other things combined.

As we go along I'll try to get a hold of all the people who are working to make The Glass Menagerie happen and tell you their perspectives in greater detail. For now I've got to get back to rehearsal, where our actors are debating the semantics of "long distance" vs. "long distances" and looking for the nonexistent app store on the prop typewriter. Thanks for reading!