Inspire the Young Artist Today!

In the article "Joys of Watching Children Grow in the Arts," the author speaks of his own experiences of witnessing shy children emerge from their fears and become confident and happy with their strengths and abilities.

The author states that one of his young third-grade students, Lee, would stand apart from the group and watch, much too embarrassed and self-conscious to engage in acting and with the other students. It wasn't until Lee participated in the exercise game "gibberish," that he started to realize his abilities. Two years later, Lee became an avid student, eager to participate and a creative character actor.

The author says that he has found more satisfaction in inspiring the artist in children, rather than performing himself. Additionally, he encourages others to do the same. He states, "If you haven’t ever had the chance to witness confidence find its way into a child or watch that confidence lead them to take a lead role, sing a solo or write a full length story then you are truly missing out on one of life’s most rewarding experiences."

It is such a joy for us to watch kiddos in our arts education program grow in their own creativity.  If you want to see you child grow in the arts, our Winter/Spring workshop registration is open. We invite you to register by clicking the button below: