Just about Jilted?

Dear Dolly,

Recently, a certain well-to-do and strikingly eligible bachelor has been dragging his feet when it comes to marriage. I was certain that he would propose any moment and whisk me away from the drudgery of millinery, but alas, no proposal has been forthcoming.

Sincerely, Carat-less in the City.

 Dear Carat-less,

I fear your bachelor may have his eye on another woman.  My advice is to go out with someone else to make him jealous.   Head Clerks make excellent dinner companions.

Dear Dolly is written by Dolly Levi; Financial Consultant, Guitar and Mandolin Instruction, Short Distance Hauling, Varicose Veins Reduced, Dance Lessons, Match-making, Counselor at Law, Fresh Jersey Eggs, Surgical Corsets Reboned, Ears Pierced, Pierced Ears Re-plugged, General Meddler and Know-It-All, Jack of All Trades.

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