Let the Shakespearience Begin

What is my Shakespearience? I know what you’re thinking, “Shakespeare, ugh, come on.”  Well, this isn’t your English teacher’s Shakespeare.  This is *my* Shakespearience.

Look, I’m not so different than you.  I always thought Shakespeare was high-brow and difficult to understand.  Well look, we were wrong.  You know that tired old adage?  That Shakespeare needs to be seen live and not read?  Seems that may just be true.

Now, I bet you’re wondering, just who is this woman and what is she trying to do here?  Well, let me tell you, I’m here to take you along as I find out why Shakespeare has aged so well.  I’m just your average girl, who always thought, “Shakespeare?  Le sigh.”  Come along with me as I figure out that Shakespeare actually is fun.  I’ve got an inkling so far, but you’ll have to keep coming back to find out more.  Fresh new entries Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.  And, I’ll even play literary detective for you.  Just plop those pesky questions that been plaguing you about Shakespeare or about Lyric Arts right on down in the comment box.  I’ll be doing some research and reporting back to you on Fridays.

I’ve got all kinds of goodies in store for you.  Behind the scenes, never before seen moments, all live from Lyric Arts.  And at the end of this, you can join me as I get to see my first production of Shakespeare, and what better show to see, than As You Like It?!  Especially, since Lyric Arts has got all kinds of exciting new treats to go along with this production.  Keep checking the website to find out more.