Meet Adam Rousar performing in Annie

Lyric Arts had a chance to interview Adam Rousar, who is performing as Rooster Hannigan in Annie. Read on to hear what he has to say about his experience thus far.

LA: Tell us a little bit about why this particular play interested you?

AR: I love the message of the show.  It is a wonderful story.  I also have little cousins that love the movie so I wanted to do a show that they could come and see me in.

LA: For those that are unfamiliar with Annie can you tell us about the show?

AR: It is a story about an orphan that is looking for a place to call home.  She is looking for a family in the crazy city of NYC.  Beware: You will be singing the music for the next three days!

LA: Talk about the character v(s) that you play in Annie. How have you developed this character?

AR: I play Rooster Hannigan.  I have developed this character with the help of our director and my scenemates.  I started thinking of why Rooster would do and say the things he does.  It really helped it be Rooster on stage rather than Adam acting as Rooster.

LA: Why should people come and see Annie?

AR: Because of the Orphans!  They are the most talented young ladies I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

LA: Talk about your fellow cast members, how do you see their characters developing? Any that you are particularly amazed at?

AR: Well as I mentioned earlier.  The orphans are absolutely astounding.  They are so talented.  Also Warbucks is very talented.  He has a very intimidating start and then slowly softens as the show goes on.  Watching him portray this on stage is really fascinating. He does it with such grace and talent.

LA: What do you feel are the "wow" elements of Annie? 

AR: In this production in particular I feel that the orphans are the “wow” factor.  They bring the production from good to GREAT!

LA: What is your favorite aspect of the show?

AR: My favorite aspect is the story.  It is such a heartwarming story that will do nothing but put a big smile on your face.

LA: Tell us what is something that you are particular excited about this show coming to together? For example, a certain scene, costumes, set, lights, etc? I am excited for the cast dynamic. 

AR: They are all fun people and it is fun to watch how the dynamic changes from week to week.     

LA: What is your favorite musical to watch? 

AR: My favorite musical to watch, without the risk of being too cliché, would be Les Miserables or Singin’ In The Rain.  I’m a tapper so I love some good tap dancing.

LA: What is your favorite thing to do around the holidays?

AR:My favorite thing is spending time with my family. 

LA: Which do you like better Annie the movie or the stage version?

AR: I hadn’t seen the movie until I got cast in the stage version.  I would have to say that the stage version is better.  There is nothing better than going to see a production.

LA: Where and how will you have the energy to do 24 shows?

AR: I’m young and get excited for every show.  If I am ever lacking in energy I’ll go and hang out with the orphans and steal some of theirs.

LA: To date what is your favorite role that you have played and why?

AR: To date My favorite role was Roy Manual in Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music.  It was my first straight play and challenged me a lot but the show was hilarious.  It was so fun!

LA: What is your dream character to play on stage?

AR: My dream characters to play would be Shrek in Shrek the Musical and Don Lockwood in Singin’ In The Rain.

LA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

AR: I am a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota.  I love to be on stage and entertain people. I have been dancing my whole life and started doing theatre after I graduated high school when a friend of mine told a director that I would do a show without my knowledge and drug me too rehearsal and I feel in love.

LA: Any other area that you would like to comment on?

AR: This cast is crazy talented! They are wonderful people to work with!