Meet Allison Hall, who is Performing in Cabaret

Meet Allison Hall, who is playing Kit Kat Girl "Frenchie" in Cabaret, and who happens to be the one and only Administrative Assistant here at Lyric Arts! Read on to see what she thinks of how rehearsals are going so far! LA: Where are you originally from? AH: I grew up in Stillwater, MN!

LA: Why did this particular play interest you? AH: It’s a dance heavy show, which interested me since I’ve been a dancer since the age of 4!

LA: For those that are unfamiliar with Cabaret can you tell us about the show? AH: It’s not what you think it is. Come see it and you will see.

LA: Talk about the character(s) that you play in Cabaret. How have you developed this character? AH: I play Frenchie, one of the six Kit Kat Girls. Although we are dancers in the club and are somewhat seen as an entity, we also have been developing our individual characters, our backgrounds, and how we feel about what’s going on in the world at that time. Just the other night at rehearsal, Andy (our music director) asked us how we feel about what’s going on politically at the time of the play and how it’s affecting us. As you can probably guess, Frenchie is “the foreigner” of the group, so it’s been a challenge to really come to a conclusion on that. The group of us Kit Kat girls continue to talk about our characters on a regular basis, so it’ll be interesting to see where we land. We joke about how funny it’d be to tell an audience member to come back and see the show a second time, and just watch one of the Kit Kat girls. They might see a whole different storyline!

LA: Talk about your fellow cast. How do you see their characters developing? Any that you are particularly amazed at? AH: I am incredibly impressed with everyone in the cast! It has been fun to watch Katie and Eric (Sally and Cliff) develop their characters and their connection. I could watch Katie sing “Maybe this Time” all day. It has also been a blast to watch Max embody the Emcee…he is incredible!

LA: What are some of the most impressive elements of Cabaret? AH: It’s incredible that a show can be so fun and entertaining, but be dark and scary at the same time. But this is the story Cabaret tells – people escaping reality inside this small, seedy club. I think audiences will really be surprised…and hopefully moved by the fantastic performances and direction.

LA: What is your favorite number of the show? AH: Hmm…this is a tough one. I think the opening number is a crazy fun introduction to the show. That’s probably my favorite of the moment. But it changes! I’m lucky enough to get to dance in many of the big scenes during the show.

LA: What is something you are particularly excited about for this show? For example, a certain scene, costumes, set, lights, etc? AH: I cannot WAIT to see the set finished and to see the whole show come together on it! It’s going be a visually stunning show…from the set and lighting, to the costumes and the characters brought to life. Ah, I just cannot wait!

LA: What is your favorite musical (in theater) to watch?  AH: Oh gosh, this is a toughie. I’ve seen Wicked more times than I can count on one hand. So that’s definitely a favorite. Hairspray is another one…and what do you know, Lyric Arts is doing it next summer!

LA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself? AH: I’m originally from Stillwater, Minnesota where I grew up dancing, training mostly in ballet. I attended college at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, where I earned a BA in journalism and a BFA in graphic design, and minored in French (which is coming in handy, playing Frenchie!), all the while dancing with Out on a Limb Dance Company in St. Paul. I currently work at Lyric Arts, where I do communication, graphic design, and administrative work, among many other things, and continue to dance with OOAL.

LA: What was the first musical you ever saw on stage? AH: "Cats" when I was 10. I fell asleep.