Meet Autumn Sisson who is Performing in Noises Off

Lyric Arts had a chance to interview Autumn Sisson, who is performing as Poppy Norton-Taylor  in Noises Off. Read on to hear what she has to say about her experience thus far.

LA: Where are you originally from?

AS: I am originally from Coon Rapids.  I now live in Anoka, so after seeing plays here as a kid, I’m now on the stage, in my hometown too!

LA:  Why did this particular play interest you?

AS: I first heard about Noises Off at the season announcement for Lyric Arts.  After hearing that others were excited for the show, I read up on it, saw it, laughed, and thought I’d love to make such comedy myself.  Plus, the characters are so…characterized, you can do so much with them, and I love quirky characters.

LA:  For those that are unfamiliar with Noises Off can you tell us about the show?

AS: It’s a show about a show.  There are nine actors in the cast of Noises Off, six of which are actors putting on Nothing On, a hilarious show in itself.  Noises Off is about the run of Nothing On, starting with the “dress rehearsal,” a view backstage in the middle of the run, and the attempt near the finish. 

LA: Talk about the character that you play in Noises Off.  How have you developed this character?

AS: I play Poppy Norton-Taylor, who is the assistant stage manager to Nothing On.  Given this is her first job experience, she puts everything she can into gaining approval, maybe too much.  Of the group she is the youngest and least stable, similar to the runt of the litter.  Like I mentioned, I love quirky characters, and the character Poppy provides so much freedom, it’s great.

LA: Talk about your fellow cast. How do you see their characters developing? Any that you are particularly amazed at?

AS: From the very beginning I found it interesting how some had never seen the show and some had several experiences performing different characters before, and what each person had to offer to his/her character.  Everyone is really amazing.  Each person is finding new bits of comedy every night, and you can see what each bit adds to the progression of each character.

LA: What are some of the most impressive elements of Noises Off?

AS: It’s fabulous how every evening we can run the same act, laugh at the same jokes we’ve seen over and over, and it never gets old.   

LA: For those unfamiliar with a farce, can you explain what it is?

AS: Farce is a type of comedy involving a more exaggerated performance as well as slapstick comedy.  What’s great about Noises Off is that it contains the physical comedy, but it also has so many layers, both in language and actions, that carry throughout the play.

LA: Why should people come and take a chance and see Noises Off?

AS: You should come see Noises Off to make your day better.  Laughing is healthy for you, you know.

LA: What is your favorite theater, movie, and TV comedy?

AS: My favorite play has always been Little Shop of Horrors; I’ve loved it since I was a kid – I’m not really sure why.  As far as movies, I am definitely a fan of the animated movies, I love them all, Madagascar to be specific.  I don’t actually watch a ton of TV and do not yet have a favorite TV comedy.

LA: Sum up Noise Off in 3 words?

AS: Laugh out loud

LA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

AS: I am a 2011 AHS graduate and will be achieving my AFA in Theatre this spring from Anoka-Ramsey Community College.  During the day I work part time at Lily Pad Ceramics, as well as the ARCC bookstore, and when not working, family and friends have my time.  Other hobbies include, drawing, painting, photography, Photoshop, the likes. And I love cats.