Meet Christy Nix, who is Performing in Cabaret

Meet Christy Nix, who is performing in the Ensemble for Cabaret, who was last seen in Pinkalicious the Musical as Pinkalicious on the Main Street Stage. Read on to see what she thinks of how rehearsals are going so far! LA: Where are you originally from? CN: Dannebrog, Nebraska – the “Danish Capital of Nebraska LA: Why did this particular play interest you? CN: Well, I love the music. Overall, it’s a very gritty and unapologetically stark. It has humor and romance, but nothing is sugar-coated.

LA: For those that are unfamiliar with Cabaret can you tell us about the show? CN: It’s about a young American man that goes to Berlin in the late 1930’s to write a novel. Upon arriving, he discovers the Kit Kat Klub and forms a relationship with one of the performers, Sally Bowles. As the politcal climate declines in Germany with the rise of the Nazi party, we see the parallel decline of the characters, their relationships, and the Kit Kat Klub.

LA: Talk about the character(s) that you play in Cabaret. How have you developed this character? CN: I’m in the ensemble, which gives me an abundance of freedom to create my character because I don’t really have any preexisting characteristics in the script. I primarily play a patron or a waitress in the Klub.

LA: Talk about your fellow cast. How do you see their characters developing? Any that you are particularly amazed at? CN: The cast is AMAZING! Every rehearsal I’ve been to I’ve seen the songs, dancing, and character development get stronger. Max, who is playing the MC, is fantastic! Katie, playing Sally, is delightful and heart-wrenching. Everyone, though, is so wonderful!

LA: What are some of the most impressive elements of Cabaret? CN: All of the musical numbers in the show are great, but I think the final song in Act 1 is particularly powerful. I also really love “Maybe This Time” – Katie really knocks that one out of the park.

LA: What is your favorite number of the show? CN: I LOVE "Two Ladies"!

LA: What is something you are particularly excited about for this show? For example, a certain scene, costumes, set, lights, etc? CN: I’ve very excited to see the set once it’s completed. From what we’ve been told and what we’ve seen so far it’s going to be fantastic and totally transform the theatre! I can’t wait!

LA: Are musicals easy or harder to act than other types of theater? Why is this? CN: I think musicals are much harder! But I love them, so I don’t mind. I’ve done a lot straight shows, but I’ve just recently started doing musicals. It’s been an adjustment, but a welcomed one. I feel like singing is one of the most vulnerable forms of performance, so I really have to push myself to sing in front of people.

What is your favorite musical (in theater) to watch?  Oh my word, just one? I love Phantom of the Opera, and I recently saw American Idiot and really enjoyed that.

LA: Do you have a favorite theatrical actor that you like to see on stage, either local or national? Why do you like to watch this person on stage? CN: Locally, I really enjoy watching Lauren Anderson perform at the Brave New Workshop. She is a fantastic improviser, really funny. The range of characters she can play is amazing, and often she’s just making it up on the spot and yet they are so specific with their own ticks and peculiarities. Nationally, I love Kristen Chenoweth. She is so delightful and full of energy. If I could model a musical theatre career after anyone, it would probably be hers.

LA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself? CN: I grew up on Nebraska, went to college in Michigan, and then moved to Minnesota. I’ve lived here for about 6 years with my husband and our little dog Willow. I love theatre and participate in it as much as possible. I also enjoy graphic design, running, watching movies, and not cooking.

LA: What was the first musical you ever saw on stage? CN: The first musical I ever saw on stage was Bye Bye Birdie. It was at my cousin’s middle school in Plymouth, and he was playing Birdie. My whole family drove up from Nebraska to see it. I was ten or eleven, and I was hooked – it was awesome.