Meet Curtis Burton who is performing in Hello, Dolly!

Meet Curtis Burton, who is performing as Horace Vandegelder in Hello, Dolly!. Read on to learn about the rehearsal process, how he is developing his characters, and why you should take a chance on this show!

LA: Where are you originally from?  

CB: Champaign Illinois.

LA: Why did this particular musical interest you? 

CB: I have always enjoyed the music, especially “Hello Dolly as performed by Louis Armstrong and Barbara Striesand.

LA: For those unfamiliar with Hello, Dolly! can you tell us about the show?   

CB: It’s a show filled with great music and tells the story of how a hardened, grumpy Horace Vandegelder is eventually softened by a cunning Dolly Levi who has a purpose in mind(Marriage).

LA: Talk about the character(s) that you play in Hello, Dolly! How have you developed this character?  

CB: I play Horace who has a totally different personality than my own, and so I have watched the movie and several stage productions, and also reached back into my past with hardcore Marine training.

LA: Talk about your fellow cast. How do you see their characters developing?   Any that you are particularly amazed at?

CB: I think the cast as a whole is really working at making the characters come to life and making them their own.

LA: What are some of the most impressive elements of Hello, Dolly!?

CB: I think the music is awesome.

LA: What is your favorite number of the show? 

CB: Hello Dolly.

LA: What is your favorite musical (in theater) to watch? 

CB: My Fair Lady.

LA: What is your all-time favorite karaoke song?  

CB: Dock of the Bay.

LA: What was the first musical you ever saw on stage?   

CB: Big River.

LA: What is your favorite thing about Lyric Arts?  

CB: The friendly, accepting atmosphere that is  ever present and of course the great shows that are presented.

LA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself?   

CB: I grew up in Champaign , Illinois and attended my first 2 years of college there at the Univ of Ill before joining the U.S. Marine Corps.  I completed my college by going to night school at the Univ of Hawaii and Chapman College.  I am married to my wonderful wife Kimera (Kim).  We have three daughters two of which are in college(Liz and Katie)and Leah who is a senior at Champlin Park.  We reside in Champlin. Kim teaches at Jefferson elementary and I am a retired Marine Corps aviator (Major) and work part time as a School Bus driver in the Anoka-Henn district.  I enjoy music and am a worship leader at our church.  I also enjoy sports and the martial arts.