Meet Lara Moll who is performing in White Christmas

Lyric Arts had a chance to interview Lara Moll, who is performing in White Christmas. Read on to hear what she has to say about her experience thus far! LA: Tell us a little bit about why this particular play interested you?

LM: I have never done a Christmas show so I was glad to hear there was one that my age group could have been a part of. Christmas is my favorite time and this just adds to the awesome fun leading up to the special day.

LA: For those that are unfamiliar with White Christmas can you tell us about the show?

LM: It takes place in the 1950’s after World War 2. Bob and Phil were a part of the army but are now top performers. They meet Betty and Judy Haynes and each have an instant connection! Then when they arrive to Vermont Bob and Phil realize that the owner is their own past general Waverly with Martha and Susan , his granddaughter. It has great music and dancing numbers with romance, conflicts, and great fun!

LA: Talk about the character that you play in White Christmas. How have you developed this character?

LM: I am part of the ensemble and am the only teen in the cast though I try to act as an elite and older performer. I play Gayle in Bob and Phil’s chorus, then I also play the Blind Folded chorus girl. I try to act as a bubbly, smart, young adult and try to dance with a differing style.

LA: Why should people come and see White Christmas?

LM: Because it’s apart of the wonderful season. The show is exciting and will hopefully make you stand and cheer. This amazing cast  put there time into it. We did this for you, the audience, to bring you happiness this season!

LA: Talk about your fellow cast members, how do you see their characters developing? Any that you are particularly amazed at?

LM: I have seen a huge development in everyone. I love how Judy has evolved because she seems just so cool. But Martha is the one I’d want to hang out with because she’s quick, smart and an awesome singer!

LA: What do you feel are the "wow" elements of White Christmas?

LM: The harmony because sometimes it splits into six part harmony and it creates and angelic feel sometimes. Also “I love a piano” because the dance number makes a big smash in the show. What is your favorite aspect of the show? I think it would be the last number because its what this show is for, singing White Christmas. Its magical the way it has turned out along with the harmony and happiness filling the theater.

LA: Tell us what is something that you are particular excited about this show coming to together? For example, a certain scene, costumes, set, lights, etc?

LM: I’m excited for the costumes and hair and make-up! I love being so different and in this since I’m playing an adult I’ll be very attractive looking in an adult way.

LA: Are musicals easier or harder then straight show or comedies? If so, why?

LM:Well I am so very use to musicals it seems easier than pretty much anything. But when I did do my first straight show it was really easy, except I had to have facial expressions. But in musicals I just smile brighter than the sun and that makes it a little easier.

LA: What is your favorite musical to watch?

LM: My favorite musical to watch is 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Its so romantic and joyous. Full of energy, great dancing, and actors that are the best I’ve ever seen. But on stage my favorite show is Billy Elliot, because it’s the best show I’ve ever seen.

LA: What is your favorite thing to do around the holidays?

LM: I like to go shopping and seeing the décor, but not too early, because its everywhere. I also love to watch the normal holiday movies like Home Alone (my favorite), A Christmas Story and many others!

LA: Which do you like better White Christmas the movie or the stage version?

LM:I love the stage version better! I saw it at Anoka high school and I was in awesome. It was great and I felt like I was in it. I hope this one will seem as great!

LA: To date what is your favorite role that you have played and why?

LM: That would have to be Brenda from Hairspray. My middle school did it and everyone was so into my character because I smiled every minute of each lively song. And my only line was “9 months” after Corny Collins asked how long will you be gone, which practically implied I was a pregnant teen.

LA: What is your dream character to play on stage?

LM: I dream of playing Christine in Phantom of the Opera because I feel I have a connection and love the music and story. Then I also want to play Millie or one of the brides from 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Its my absolute favorite show!

LA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

LM: I am 14 years old and I go to Anoka High. I’ve been involved with theater since I was in 2nd grade. I have had 7 years of tap, ballet, and jazz. I play the clarinet and love to try new things. I have 3 sisters and 3 dogs. I love to sing, hang out at church, watch movies, spend loads of time with friends and meet new ones.

LA: Any other area that you would like to comment on?

LM:Not really except I hope to make you smile, thanks for reading.