Meet Nate Otto who is performing in The Further Adventures of Nick Tickle, Fair Tale Detective

Lyric Arts had a chance to interview Nate Otto, who is performing as Nick Tickle in The Further Adventures of Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective. Read on to hear what he has to say about his experience thus far. LA: Tell us a little bit about why this particular play interested you?

NO: I was in the original Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective show at LA in 2010. It was my first show here, and now I can't get enough of this theater. I'm honored to have been chosen for the role of Nick Tickle once again, and I'm ecstatic to be back!

LA: For those that are unfamiliar with The Further Adventures of Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective can you tell us about the show?

NO: A resident of Fairy Tale Land is feeling very deprived of attention, so this character has the resident bard Granny Possum kidnapped so they can tell their story for a change. The folks of Fairy Tale Land become upset now that their stories aren't being told and they hire Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale detective to find out whodunnit. Nick Tickle gets much-needed help from Puss in Boots and the audience to help solve this awful atrocity.

LA: Talk about the character v(s) that you play in The Further Adventures of Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective. How have you developed this character?

NO: I play Nick Tickle, a naive yet brave detective. Nick developed from a trying balance acting with juvenile innocence but maintaining stern film noir-esque private eye case cracking abilities.

LA: Talk about your fellow cast members, how do you see their characters developing? Any that you are particularly amazed at?

NO: It's enlightening to work with a large cast that brings many different ages, experiences, goals, and worldviews to the stage. Everyone offers something new for others to learn from and act with.

LA: What do you feel are the "wow" elements of The Further Adventures of Nick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective?

NO: There's a scary sword fighting scene and cross-dressing that's sure to wow audiences for one reason or another.

LA: What is your favorite aspect of the show?

NO: My favorite aspect of the show is the great array of characters and costumes.

LA: Tell us what is something that you are particular excited about this show coming to together? For example, a certain scene, costumes, set, lights, etc?

NO: I'm excited for the performances when we get to involve a live audience. You never know what they'll throw at you!

LA: What is your favorite fairy tale?

NO: I really like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Unfortunately, it took me a while to put the moral of the story into practice as I was a child. I'm a good person, I swear!

LA: What is your favorite thing to do around the holidays?

NO: Being around my family of relatives and friends is my favorite thing about this time of year. The holiday season wouldn't matter without them.

LA: To date what is your favorite role that you have played and why?

NO: King Sextimus in Once Upon a Mattress. I learned a lot about slapstick and pantomime as King Sextimus cannot speak, and it's the only reason I can say I had a lead role in a musical!

LA: What is your dream character to play on stage?

NO: Yikes, that's a stumper! Um...Harpo Marx. Although he was a film personality, I adore his comic style that isn't popular these days.

LA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

NO: I have a strange variety of interests that I have yet to tame. From building a sternwheeler boat to creating kinetic squirrel feeders from scavenged materials, I just can't stop myself!

LA: Any other area that you would like to comment on?

NO: I have blue eyes?