Meet Sarah Frazier performing in "Hairspray!"

We had a chance to meet with one of our favorite Corny Collins producers, Sarah Frazier. Read on to see why she's so excited about the Hairspray! Headshot_SarahFraizer_135x135 Lyric Arts: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your favorite color? What makes you tick?

Sarah Frazier: Three years ago, I followed the yellow brick road here from Kansas! I grew up in a musical theatre family so this stuff is in my blood, I'm stuck with it! Besides performing, I love reading, drawing, swimming and Harry Potter.

LA: What brings you to Lyric Arts?

SF: Scott Ford mainly! I've heard so many great things about him from other people that I wanted to get the chance to work with him!

LA: What’s the best thing about being in Hairspray?

SF: The talent! I watch rehearsals and am just blown away with the greatness happening on stage! Everyone has so much fun on stage that it's contagious! I have found myself bopping my hips to the music when my character is supposed to be angry!! I can't help it!

LA: Is there one thing everyone should know about the show?

SF: Get ready to boogie in your seats!!

LA: Tell us about the character you play.

SF: Velma Von Tussle is the producer of the Corny Collins Show and also Amber's mother. She is interesting because she is living vicariously through her daughter even though she herself had the same lifestyle growing up. Apparently, she didn't get enough attention when she was getting all the attention. She's a saucy women who will "lie, cheat, and steal" to be on top!

LA: Sum up Hairspray in 3 words.

SF: Amazing dancing/singing!