Monday Morning Reviews of "Doubt, A Parable"

Lyric Arts would like to send a big "thank you" to everyone who attended "Doubt, A Parable" during opening weekend and to everyone who helped us spread the word by sharing their enthusiasm for the show with their friends.  We've heard stellar reveiws from audience members in the lobby; we've also heard them on our Facebook pages. 

Sister Aloysius (Patti Hynes-McCarthy) and Father Flynn (Anthony R. Johnson)Just came home from Doubt—very powerful—very well acted.—Eileen Rathbun, Anoka
We saw ["Doubt'] Saturday night--very well done. You could cut the tension on stage with a knife!—Debbie Swanson, Anoka

A riveting show with a stellar cast...Talk about returning to the stage with a bang...[Anthony R. Johnson's] performance was FANTASTIC in a very difficult role....Bravo Tony!—Steve Moy, Anoka

The cast of "Doubt" did a wonderful job and I'm still processing the content.  Another success for Lyric Arts...congrats to all of you!—Char Squire, Hanover
THIS SHOW IS AMAZING! And, its NOT about what you think its about. Its about stubborn and judgemental people and their relationship with others, themselves and God. GO! GO! GO!—Marian McCann, Dayton
Did you see the show?  Do you have a review to share?  We would love to hear what you have to say!