More Love!

Still not sure if you're ready to Show Us the Love?  Even if you're not, we've got another love story to share with you.  Just a teaser to get your own creative juices flowing.  Remember, anyone who shares a love story with us has the chance to win a Celebration Package to Alison Scott on Valentine's Day and have their story published by ABC Newspapers.

White Lie to My Heart

Years ago I became a server at restaurant during an intense internship for my career.  I had little or no time to sleep, let alone to myself.  While being trained in as a server, my trainer went through things professionally throughout until we got to the part where he asked if I had any questions.  Before I could ask anything, he said “Yes, I am single,” with a huge grin on his face.

I was immediately turned off and bid him a good night.  I continued to work both my internship and the serving job, with my trainer asking me about once a week either for drinks, or out with a group.  I always replied no, remembering his earlier comment, and being mindful of my schedule…until the day he asked me to play tennis.  He had asked around to find out my hobbies, and not knowing any other tennis players, I accepted his invitation.

On the day of our tennis match, he called and said his racquet was being restrung and asked if I had a spare.  I always carried two, so I said that would be no problem.  When we met at the court I quickly realized that he had never picked up a racquet and it was all to get me to spend some time with him.  His white lie worked.

We’ve been together every year since.