More reviews for "Oliver!"

Only one weekend left to see Oliver! and the great reviews just keep rolling in!  Why not buy your tickets online today? It is a great show--this theater is a treasure in the community!—Juliane Smith

My favorite comment overheard after Friday night's show: “We can't believe this is community theatre!”Debbie Swanson

I LOVED it! I have spread the word, but will keep spreading it. The kids were fabulous, the music was wonderful! Just a great show all around!—Cheryl Keene

Had the chance to see "Oliver" last weekend and may I say it was a wonderful performance from "Widow Corney (Debbie Swanson) and Mr. Bumble (Jonathan Peterson)!!! What a HOOT they are, great comedic timing! That little Oliver also got many ooohs and aaahs from everyone around me, he has such an angelic face and voice!—Christina Nelson

Saw Oliver tonight! Wonderful!! EVERYONE should see this show. Strong cast, well-orchestrated choreography and the orchestra was excellent! Great evening!Marlene Colvin

I just wanted to let you know that I saw Oliver on Friday evening.  What an outstanding performance.  I have felt that many times this little theater goes beyond many expectations, but this time you topped the charts.Kathy Mackowick