November 15 is Give to the Max Day!

Give to the Max Day is a day for Minnesotans to come together to raise millions of dollars for thousands of non-profits in just 24 hours. By taking part next Thursday, November 15, and making a donation to Lyric Arts, your contribution could help us win even more!

One Give to the Max Day donor will be randomly chosen every hour to have $1,000 added to their donation! In addition, one donor will also be selected randomly from throughout the 24 hours of giving to have $10,000 added to their donation!    

We hope to raise more than $5,000 on Give to the Max Day and we're counting on your help!

Your contribution could help us... 

  • Provide an actor with a script or costume
  • Pay to have our piano tuned
  • Keep ticket prices economical for schools
  • Maintain reasonable workshop tuition rates
  • Increase budgets for what you see on stage
  • Replace carpets that have worn through
  • Continue to provide affordable and accessible performing arts experiences to the Lyric Arts family of audiences, artists, actors, and volunteers.

Every dollar matters.  Every donor makes a difference.

Follow us on Facebook or follow the news here on our website so you can share in the excitement of the day and remember to give on Thursday, November 15!

Or, just so you don't forget, you can schedule your Give to the Max Day donation in advance by visiting our page today!