Oklahoma - Back in the saddle again...er, surrey?

Hey howdy!

It's your friendly Rancher, Ike Skidmore here.

Well, the cast of Oklahoma will be back at it tonight to start our second weekend of performances and our first public Thursday night performance.  After having three days off from the production it will be interesting to see if we all remember what to say, sing, dance and where to go.  For myself, having a smaller ensemble role, I'm not too concerned, with the exception of remembering when I need to be out on stage.  For the leads, I'm sure they have been going over the show in their heads, glancing at their scripts, singing their songs, and maybe even dancing.  I plan on my usual sing along with my music CD during my car ride to the theater, and hopefully a little dance refresher for Kansas City at Lyric Arts.

Coming up this weekend, we will be having our first two performance day on Saturday, a 2pm performance and a 7:30pm, can we keep our energy going for two in a row?  We'll see.  This Sunday, we will have our Page & Stage discussion after the show.  For more information about the Page & Stage, see link below.