Oklahoma - Costume Parade!

Sorry, Y'all, not no floats or marching bands...not really much of a parade, but more of  a chance to have the director, costume designer and other designers have a look at each actor in his or her costume(s). We started our rehearsal day with getting into costumes.  Some of the leads were called the earliest to get into costumes first for publicity photos.  Then the rest of us were called later on.  Once the publicity shots were done, we started with our parade.  Most of the ensemble will remain in the same costume throughout the entire show, while the leads, and a few ensemble members will have a few other costumes and/or pieces.  I was excited that I will have a sidearm.  Yee-haw!

Once we were done with our costume parade, the costume designer, Kris Livingston, spoke to us about being responsible for our own costumes and how to take care of them.  The women were given pictures from the Oklahoma era (1910) on how their hair should look.  After Kris, the tech director, Patrick Vital-Schwartz, gave us the talk about props, and making sure we are responsible for them, and not to touch props that we don't use.  He then met with anyone who would carry a gun, especially those who would be firing a gun during the performance.  He went over the gun safety training with us and then, Curly, Judd and Aunt Eller went out on stage to practice shooting a live firing gun.

After all that, we rehearsed the Dream Ballet a couple time through.  It had been a week or so since we've worked that.  Then, we started at the top of Act I running as far as we could before 10pm.  We got to the entrance of the ensemble, and then we were released...except Laurey and the women ensemble who worked on "Many a New Day".

Check out the pictures below!