Oklahoma - Here we go again...

Once again, the cast of Oklahoma! took the stage last night to start off another weekend of performances.  I felt, personally, that this was our best Thursday night performance of the run, at least, I was very happy with my performance.  It's hard to get back at it after having a few days away.  While most of us were back working at our jobs, and/or school, Aunt Eller (Alana LaBissoniere) and Will Parker (Christian LaBissoniere) began rehearsals for their next production, "My Fair Lady" at BCT.  They both seemed to ease back into their roles without any problems. Last weekend, a few of us were struggling vocally and physically.  Because of this, some solo parts and lines were swapped around to accommodate a fatigued cast members.  Other cast members, Renae Lewis, in particular, stepped up to the plate to help out with "Out of my Dreams".  It was great to be back in full spirits for this weekend.

This Thursday night was pretty special for me.  I knew that my uncle and aunt were seeing the show, but they surprised me by bringing another one of my aunts that lives far away, to see the show.  To top my night off, I was approached after the show by a mom holding her 3-4 year son, saying that I was her sons favorite cowboy.  She even confirmed it earlier back asking him if he meant Will, and he said, no, the other cowboy in a red shirt.  I gave the little cowpoke a high five!


By the way, check out our production photo/video montage by Managing Director, Laura Tahja Johnson: