Oklahoma - Moving right along

Hey Y'all! Tonight we have an invited (preview) audience for our final dress rehearsal.  We are all very excited to have an audience...other than the artistic staff, that is.

This week we have been moving right along with run through, after run through.  Tuesday  night was a little rough though, after few actor mishaps, and some technical glitches. I wasn't too happy with my performance that night, as I felt I was a little off with some of my dancing and singing.  Wednesday night felt much better all around.  With the exception of a couple more minor technical glitches, it was a great run.  We have been keeping very consistent with our run time too, so that has been nice.  Dann, the director, along with the artistic staff agreed that we were ready for an audience.  Yeow!  Cain't wait to see and hear the audience reactions to the show.

Opening night is tomorrow!  Oh boy!