Oklahoma - Tech Weekend!

This Saturday and Sunday we began our technical rehearsals.  In case you don't know, technical rehearsals are when we start adding lights, sounds, scenery and other technical elements to the show.  This weekend we focused on lighting.  Saturday, before we started with our run, we were told that we may have to hold in order for the lighting designer, Dan Thorson, to work on the focusing or changing of light cues, if needed.  Luckily, with the hard work of Dan, Dann Peterson (Director) and Sarah Perron (Stage Manager), we didn't have to stop much.  The first time we had to hold on Saturday was not until the Dream Ballet in Act I.  After a fifteen minute break and the intermission scene shift, we started Act II with the Farmer and the Cowman.  We held a few more times before we ended the show.  I'd say it was a very smooth first tech.  Earlier today (Sunday), went very smooth too.  I honestly can't remember, but I think we made it all the way through with out stopping.  Nevertheless, we got through the entire show and were out from rehearsal before 4:30pm.  That was AWESOME!  Tech week continues, tomorrow we will add microphones, sound and costumes to the run.  I'm getting excited for opening!  Yeow!

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