Oklahoma - What's a stumble through???

Howdy! On Wednesday, January 25th we had our first stumble through of the entire show.  A stumble through is basically what it sounds like.  It is a rehearsal where the cast runs (stumbles) through the entire show from start to end for the first time, usually without stopping.  We stumble on our lines, music, dance, and other people’s feet.  There were several group scenes that we haven’t worked out yet that we pushed through.  Many scenes were coming together very nice, but this gave the director, the music director, and the choreographers a chance to see what we really need to work on as we get closer to opening.  Because we have been rehearsing in a smaller space than the stage, some of the group scenes mentioned will be worked on once we hit the stage next week.  Wednesday was the ensemble casts last rehearsal until Monday, January 29th when we will tackle Act I.  We were reminded to continue working on our music, dance steps and lines.  Only the principal (lead) actors were called in for rehearsal early Saturday.  The pictures shown are from select scenes during the stumble through.